Quick Tip Thursday

This is something I’ve pretty much just always done. But it occured to me last week as my husband asked yet again for me to remove a loose string that not everyone may do this.
Keep a pair of scissors in your bathroom!  I keep mine in the medicine cabinet.  They come in handy more often than you might imagine.  Usually I notice loose threads while I’m standing in front of the mirror. It’s so nice to just be able to clip it off right then rather than waiting until I go into another room (by which time I’ll have probably forgotten about it.)

Other uses for scissors in the bathroom:
* Opening the shink wrap packaging on razors, mouthwash, shampoo, etc
* Cutting off an itchy tag from a shirt

How would/do you use scissors in the bathroom?

By the way, if you write the word scissors enough times it starts to look really, really strange!


  1. I keep scissors in the bathroom too =} They are used all the time for cutting off store price tags, trimming stray hairs, and cutting wax strips. I even have a pair in the console of my car (with tape) for wrapping presents, cutting off forgotten tags, etc.

  2. Laura – I totally forgot about price tags!

    And the car is probably a good spot too. As long as their in the glove box or console it's probably okay I would think! Thanks for the tip Kim!

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