Easter Follow-Up

Hallelujah! He is risen! I hope each of you had a blessed Easter and had time to celebrate the amazing joy of the resurrection of our savior among all the candy and feasting.

I wanted to take a quick moment to write a follow-up to my Clutter-Free Easter post. I’m sure you all were wondering how the Easter baskets turned out in the Brown household.  I didn’t get any good pictures as I was rushing to get them filled as we headed out the door for church and the kids were so excited when we got home and found them that they were strewn about before I could grab a photo.

But the baskets looked like this:

3 year old girl
book (Alice in Wonderland)
bottle of bubbles
pack of fun hair bands for ponytails
brightly colored tank top
chocolate bunny
handful of chocolate eggs (the Nestle Crunch kind)
bubble bath

2 year old boy
book (Peter Rabbit)
bottle of bubbles
pack of Silly Bandz
chocolate bunny
handful of chocolate eggs (the Nestle Crunch kind)
bubble bath

8 month old boy
2 packages of baby food
jar of Puffs

In addition to what I got them (which is on the sparse side compared to some people) the Easter Bunny brought gifts sent by the 2 sets of Grandparents – PJs, books, dress-up masks, candy, bibs (for the baby) and some other things I’m sure I’m forgetting.

I am happy to report that aside from some candy wrappers on the floor there was very little mess. The kids loved the baskets and the other gifts and I felt good about keeping things minimal.

One of the few pictures I managed to snap – on my phone, sorry for the blur. Showing off his new PJs and silly bandz.


  1. Awesome! I did last minute shopping on Saturday (never again! Too many lines, too many people. I'll stick with mid-week shopping even I have to drag the kids with me. Ugh!) and also followed a minimalist approach. I bought small pails from Target (perfect for carrying around the sidewalk chalk or whatever else for little hands). The 5-yr old got a Star Wars book, sidewalk chalk, 2 chocolate bunnies, and a handful of candy. Baby Girl received an Easter book and a fuzzy bunny rattle. I, too , didn't get a picture. I am happy though with my efforts. Besides the kid always remember the Easter Egg hunt the most! 🙂

  2. Valerie – That's a great point that the kids rarely remember the "stuff". The real memories are the time spent doing fun stuff with friends and family.

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