Change – The Ultimate Organizing Test

A lot has been happening in my family’s life lately. We have already and continue to make some big changes.

  1. In the fall I left my corporate job. It was a necessary move but one we weren’t really prepared for – emotionally or financially.
  2. This month I began a new part-time job in an entirely different industry and career path. I’m very excited about it but there’s a lot to learn and I’m starting at the beginning.
  3. Two kids started their first season of competitive sports – and the time commitments are pretty intense. And these are not sports with a “season” really – they are the kind where you practice extensively year-round (gymnastics & cheer).
  4. We decided to relocate our family back across the country to be closer to family at the end of the school year. This means we have to sell our home, find new jobs, and find something new.

It’s a lot. I have to admit that I’ve struggled to hold everything together some days. But we are making it work. So over the next few months I’ll be sharing this journey with you – the good, the bad, and the very messy.

Life IS messy. It does not always stick to the plans we set out to follow. So I’m finding my routines and organizing strategies are that much more important… and that much harder to stick to. I hope you’ll follow along as I share with you the challenges and successes of organizing through major life changes.


Changes Are Coming!

This blog home has been very good to me for the last 2 years but the time has come to move on.  Very soon I’ll be relocating this blog to my brand new website! I am so so excited to share it with all of you.  Keep checking back for details on the big move!  The new site has a new look and feel and I think you’ll find it very easy to navigate and find what you need.

As part of the move, I’ll be kicking things off with a week of giveaways for my loyal readers!  I’m keeping it quiet on what the items will be but I think you’ll like them!

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Pardon The Dust

I’ve been noticeably absent from this blog for a few days now.  But I haven’t forgotten about you!  I have been busy getting some of my projects in order so I can share them with you soon.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of what’s taking up my time:

I hope you are having a fun and productive week!  For more frequent updates this week, stop by my Facebook page where I’m posting more real-time information.

It’s all about you!

I love talking about organizing almost as much as I love actually organizing.  I have a bunch of ideas running around for 2011 but I want to make sure I am covering what you want to learn about.
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When Life Happens

I must apologize for my absence over the last week.  I know many of you have been looking forward to your daily information on living more organized.

Where have I been?  I’ve been having the type of week that challenges even the most organized among us.  I’ve had two sick kids and caught their nasty germs myself.  Croup, vomiting, ear infections, sore throats, whining, crying, watching too much TV… and the kids were in pretty rough shape too J.

The truth is, a week like this will put the brakes on everything except survival mode.  I still managed to shower every day.  And the laundry got clean (at least the important pieces) and the dishes were washed.  But not much else happened.  If you were to walk into my home today you’d be appalled that I profess to live a delightfully organized life.  My home is certainly not delightful and nowhere near organized.  There are toys all over the family room floor, the sheets haven’t been changed in far too long to mention, our laundry – while clean – is still sitting in the baskets waiting to be put away, and the kitchen floor has far too many cheerios and smashed grapes on it.  And, oh yes, my inbox is out of control with unread and un-responded-to messages.

But I make no excuses.  I was caring for my babies and myself and that was more important than any cleaning. 

Sometimes LIFE gets in the way of our best laid plans.  And that’s okay.  This is actually a great example of what I mean by living organized rather than simply getting organized.  When we “get” organized we then can easily get discouraged when things run amok for a little while.  But when we “live” organized, we know that there will be bumps on the road and that is just fine.  No one will judge us for not having a magazine-worthy home on the heels of illness. We’ll just brush ourselves off and get back to it tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow…. Look for some catch up posts in the series to debut tomorrow.  I think we are all on our way back to healthy now.

What does it mean to be delightfully prepared?

What does it mean to be delightfully organized?

Delight: a high degree of gratification; extreme satisfaction
Organize: to arrange elements into a whole of interdependent parts

The Lord has called us to be prepared. As the woman of Proverbs 31 so aptly illustrates, being a woman of noble character involves being ready and able to attend to all that needs attending. Being prepared means having what you need available when you need it. How can we be sure that we will have what we need at the right time? By keeping only what we need or love in good working condition in a readily accessible place. In other words… through organization.

As an organizer I want you to take up these tasks with great joy. Rather than detracting from our joyfulness, a well run home and schedule should only enhance our delight. Knowing that things are running smoothly behind the scenes will allow you the freedom to pursue life’s more fun activities.

Join me as I walk you through my journey to be delightfully organized for life.