Pardon The Dust

I’ve been noticeably absent from this blog for a few days now.  But I haven’t forgotten about you!  I have been busy getting some of my projects in order so I can share them with you soon.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of what’s taking up my time:

I hope you are having a fun and productive week!  For more frequent updates this week, stop by my Facebook page where I’m posting more real-time information.

Pimp Your Mixer

I recently discovered Shelley over at Wonderfully Wordy Vinyl Lettering and House of Smiths.  Her vinyl creations are adorable and fun.  Just looking through them all gets my creative juices flowing.

But when I came across this one, I knew I had to share it with all of you. 

{photo courtesy Wonderfully Wordy}

Vinyl Decals for Your Kitchenaid Mixer!  These really have nothing to do with organizing but they are so.darn.cute.  These are so going on my wish list.  My favorite is the Curly Sue.  Which is yours?

Quick & Simple Bathroom Vanity Makeover

This took me less than one hour and cost a grand total of $3.

This is what my bathroom vanity looked like before:

As you can see, Mr. Brown & I have separate sinks.  We use separate toothbrush holders and have separate toothpaste.  (these are great things for anyone wanting to eliminate arguments over whether you squeeze in the middle or what brand to use)  But our collection of bath accessories was a mish-mash of things collected over years of separate apartments and joint apartments and so they didn’t really match.

A quick trip to your local bath accessory store will reveal that these things while they try to be “stylish” just end up feeling, well, bathroom like.  I wanted spa-like.  What’s more spa-like than glass?

So instead of hitting up one of the big-box stores I went to the dollar store and found 3 glass candle holders.  I combined these with a variety of glass objects we already had to create this after:

What I used:
My toothbrush – vase I already had on-hand
Mr. Brown’s toothbrush – candle holder $1
Toothpastes – a mug from a wedding Mr. Brown was in back in 2003.  That couple is no longer together and the mug was just not something he really used.  So now instead of taking up space in our kitchen cabinets it’s being useful in our bathroom
Cotton Balls – candle holder $1
Q-tips – candle holder $1
Lilac Soaps (smell lovely) – brandy snifter that was taking up space in my over-the-fridge cabinet for the last 10 years

I then put all of it and the things that didn’t really fit in a glass container on a tray I’ve had for several years and used intermittently as a Christmas decoration.  Putting everything on the tray makes it feel like the little tray of amenities you get at a hotel.  And it will make it easy for me to lift all at once and clean underneath.

Now let’s just hope Mr. Brown is on board!

DO Holidays – Feather Your Nest

We all love a comfy cozy home, especially at the holidays.  But how can we make our home beautiful without making our lives crazy?  If you’ve been putting it off but can’t seem to get going let today be the day.  Remember these things when you’re feeling daunted about getting started.

Cut yourself some slack
If you don’t put up every piece of holiday decor you own no one will know but you!  Remember that we are always our own worst critics. 

Focus on the Big 3
Simplify this year and do the Door, Mantle & Tree.  If you have the energy and time for the dining room table add that on.  But don’t stress if you don’t get to it.  No holiday towels in the guest bathroom?  No worries! 

If the idea of pulling out all 250 of your Christmas tree ornaments has you wanting to curl up on the couch to watch reruns of 80s game shows then skip it.  Put up your tree (real or artificial), add a lot of lights, wrap it in ribbon and put a giant bow on top.  It will look beautiful.

Go Fresh! 
Rather than dusting off all those boxes in the attic, consider heading to your local florist for a beautiful arrangement for your table.  Or go to the nursery for a swag of greenery for the mantle.  If you are feeling creative, grab the kids and head outside.  Gather pine cones and greenery.  Use these plus a bunch of walnuts, oranges & pomegranates from the grocery store to make simple but gorgeous arrangements for your home.

If your kids are school aged they are old enough to help with the decorations.  Give them a few “assignments” and offer rewards.  For example – if they make paper chains and gather the pinecones have cocoa & Oreos waiting when they are done.

And my last tip for holiday decorating is to take care of yourself.  Pick one thing you love – a favorite ornament, a framed photo of your baby’s first Christmas – and put it somewhere you’ll see it every single day that’s just for you.  This year I took a little tray I had previously used for a tablescape and moved it to my dresser.  I put my little Swarovski crystal tree (a gift from many years ago) and a picture of my kids with from last Christmas on it.  Every night when I take off my rings and get ready for sleep I see these things and smile.  And I get to see them again when I get up and get dressed.  It’s my own simple corner of Christmas cheer.

For beautiful decorating inspiration, check out Layla & Kevin‘s blog at The Lettered Cottage.


Part of being well organized is knowing what you don’t know and being willing to learn from others. For example, I know how to make things work in a space. But when it comes to making things beautiful, I need help.
Today I’m going to direct you to some of the inspired, creative bloggers I have delightedly stumbled upon and become enamored with. While these are not strictly about organizing, their creative ideas may just inspire you to create a delightfully organized life for yourself so that you may enjoy making some of their ideas your own.

In Layla’s own words:
My Philosophy
“My intention, and overall design philosophy, is to create beautiful, functional, comfortable, inspiring interiors that make you FEEL. Rooms you can’t look away from without a fight.”

The Nesting Place
“It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

The Project Girl
“Join me as I create fun and useful projects, explore beauty around me, and design some beautiful stuff of my own. “

Hoosier Homemade
“Making Your House a Home”
Happy Reading!